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Boskone 43  February 17th - 19th 2006

Boskone is a long running regional Science Fiction convention organized by NESFA, The New England Science Fiction Association. The last few conventions...including the 2004 Worldcon were held at the Hines Convention Center in Copley Square, Boston. This is a terrific area to visit, even in the winter. My family and I had a great time, Boskone 43 was a convention where everything seemed to go right for us. We had no traveling problems, the kids were well, there were plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy and having the shopping mall attached to the hotel meant there was always an out for someone who wasn't having a good time.

Most of my pictures came out too dark, the lighting was always dim in the function rooms and I really didn't want to get close up into the speakers faces for a good shot. Also, even though there were sound systems in most function rooms many of the speakers were holding the Mics away from their faces making the sound quality of the talks I recorded poor and a little tough to hear. To listen to the Boskone Audio Files you'll have to adjust the sound settings on your PC, if you have a tone setting on your speakers you can improve the quality greatly. If you download the files into a portable player again you'll have to make some adjustments to really hear and enjoy the talks properly.

Boskone 43 Pictures

Views of Boston, Robert Katz, GOH Ken MacLeod and George R. R. Martin
William Hartmann, Walter H. Hunt, Melissa Scott and AGOH Donato Giancola
Donato Giancola's Excellent Painting Demonstration!               The Lost Panel
Lots of authors , Jeffrey A Carver, Paul Park signs & The Dream Panel
The Wild Rumpus Starts!
The Madness Continues
My Sister finds a Man, Hartwell gets a Skylark, Esther reads my mind
Resnick speaks and everything finally grinds to an end!

Boskone 43 Audio Files

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