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Captain Phil's
Albacon 2008 Report and Photos!


Friday, October 10th We managed to make the 3pm ferry in Port Jeff New York. This route, while a little expensive means we avoided the New York bridges on a three day weekend (Bridges where we would sit for hours other years) and drive straight up through Connecticutt to route 90.

On the Massachusetts side we drove through a few small New England towns along route 8 and later route 44.

We arrived in Albany around 8:30pm after stopping at the worlds filthiest McDonalds outside of Albany on route 9 south. I was too late to get badges for the next day but early enough to unpack and plan for Saturday. I was also able to use the Hotel WiFi system to record and upload the weekends live Destinies show which you can check out right here!

  Destinies Marc Tyler Nobleman interview,
author of "Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman"

Here are a bunch of pictures I took on the ferry from Port Jefferson New York and later, on approach, Bridgeport Connecticut.


Up on the hill, St Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson

Leaving Port Jefferson on Friday, October 10th at 3pm

Across the Long Island Sound

The south bound Ferry Park City

Coming into the Bridgeport Ferry Terminal

Another picture of the south bound ferry.

Bridgeport Connecticut
Fishin' off the breakwaters

Checking into the hotel and unpacking was a breeze. We got settled in, were a little upset at missing the Ice Cream social but were just happy we made it to Albany before midnight making Saturday a much more enjoyable day after a good nights sleep.

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