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Interview with William Latham on the Resurrection Audiobook

Interview with William Latham on the Space:1999 Resurrection Audiobook

conducted by Simon Morris

Q:  What can you tell us about the audiobook?

A:  I'm really excited that this is finally going to see the light of day.  Barry Morse did a truly, truly outstanding job with the reading.  What I always tell people is I'll probably never read "Resurrection" again -- but I will definitely listen to it.  Hearing Barry read Victor Bergman's dialogue is just amazing.

Q:  What held up the release?

A:  For a small company to put out an audiobook is easier said than done.  With formats changing over the past five years, picking the final format was always a moving target.

Q:  What is the final format?

A:  It's an MP3 CD.  What that means at the end of the day is older CD players might have trouble playing it, but most modern CD players are MP3-compatible.  What finally decided the format, however, as opposed to classic CD, was the price.  The cost for the consumer of a 6 CD audiobook would have been about twice what it will cost for 1 MP3 CD.

Q:  Are there plans to do any more of the Powys books as audiobooks?

A:  Probably not.

Q:  What do you think people will experience hearing this book as opposed to reading it?

A:  This audiobook is really all about Barry.  You're interviewing me on it only because Barry's not here to do it anymore.  Yeah, I wrote the book, but I forget that when I'm listening to it.  This is a performance, and he did such an amazing job with it that I probably get as much caught up in it as anyone will.  Because, of course, he doesn't just perform Victor Bergman.  He performs Balor.  He performs Koenig.  Even Helena!  Even Computer!  I like the book and all but Barry brought it someplace that the printed page just couldn't.  It's alive and exciting and I can't imagine anybody enjoying it as much as I do!  Plus, I mean, it's Barry Morse.  Simple exposition in the book is just a pleasure to listen to because he brings such style to it with that great voice of his.  Special thanks need to go out to Anthony Wynn and Robert Wood who actually produced the recording.  They did such a great job keeping Barry visible and accessible over the years.  This never could have happened without them.

Q:  Any closing thoughts?

A:  Just want to point out that this recording is the full, unabridged book.  Barry read every word in there.  I think for the fans, especially since Barry's no longer with us, listening to this book is going to be such a pleasure.  I know it is for me.  Just imagine how good you think this could be...and it's actually better.  He really, really delivered.