How to donate Blood and Blood Platelets to help my family.

There is a need for Blood and Platelets at the
Stony Brook University Hosptial
in Stony Brook, New York

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Take the Long Island Expressway (LIE, I-495) (Eastbound from the Queens Midtown Tunnel in Manhattan
or the Throgs Neck Bridge or Whitestone Bridge in Queens )
to Exit 62 - Nicolls Road North (Route 97) 8 miles.
The main entrance to Stony Brook University Medical Center
and The Health Sciences is on the right.

Park in the parking garage (Blood Donors receive Free Parking)
and walk to the main entrance of the Hospital.

What is needed right now:

Platelet donations of any blood type and/or blood donations of
O Positive or Negative.

It's important to have Non-Blood relatives to
donate blood so not to interfere with a potential
bone marrow transplant in the future which
will probably come from a blood relative.

Because Platelets have such a short shelf life people
who are donating should check with this site first so donors can
be staggered. If 5 people donate on the same
day then all those Platelets will go into the general
donor pool on the 4th day.

Staggering the donations staggers the expiration date of those
Platelets giving the Hosptial a steady fresh supply for a longer
amount of time. No one buys 10 gallons of milk a day! We buy it at intervals so we have a steady supply of fresh milk.

We want there to be a steady supply of fresh Platelets
so it's important we know when you are scheduled to donate.
I have added a Donation Calendar at the bottom of this site
so you can check it first before calling the Blood Bank to
make your donation.


If you get an answering machine or can't get any Blood Bank staff
on the phone email us and we will set it up for you
in person at the Blood Bank.

Call to make an appointment at
Stony Brook University Hospital Blood Bank,

631-444-DONATE (444-3662).
If no answer please call the Donor Room at

You can call to schedule appointments from
7:30am - 9:00pm Monday - Friday.
Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm.
You can also email Jennifer L. Peace at

Jennifer Peace

Please use the

in case the Blood Bank address bounces.

We need the blood donations to be made as a directed donation.
Once you have made an appointment to donate please call


for instructions on how to make a directed donation.

Arrangements need to be made in advance and a Blood Bank directed donor consent form needs to be completed.

Contact the Blood Bank at the number above for complete instructions and then leave a voicemail on 631-766-8710 to make the donation a directed personal donation.

Who Can Donate Blood or Platelets?

To donate blood or platelets, you must:
be between 17 and 75 years of age
weigh at least 110 pounds
be in general good health

Restrictions for Platelet Donors
No aspirin products taken within 72 hours of the donation
No ibuprofen taken within 24 hours of the donation
No whole blood donations within four weeks prior
to the platelet donation

Feel free to contact the Blood Bank at 631-444-DONATE (444-3662)
if you have any concerns related to specific health restrictions
for blood and platelet donations.

Why Platelets?

Platelets are the component in blood that helps to control
bleeding and are used to treat many different diseases.
Platelets are especially needed by adults and children who
are being treated for cancer or are undergoing surgery.

Blood donations can be made every 56 days.
Platelets can be donated every three days.
Since platelets can be stored for only five days,
they are constantly needed.

Once you've made a direct donation of whole blood or platelets please drop us an email so
we can make a list of FOB's (Friends of Blood Bank) who have donated
Platelets or Whole Blood.

We'll also post a page of messages from donors
everyone to read. We will remove any sensitive information like last
names, phone numbers or email addresses to protect you
from email spam.

To email please click

Friend of Blood Bank

To read letters click the envelope for the letters page, but don't forget to donate some Platelets!

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